10 Email Marketing Strategies Every Business Owner Should Know

10 Email Marketing Strategies Every Business Owner Should Know

You may have remembered one particular moment in your life where you groaned because you received an email yet again from one of the stores you made purchase months ago. This email may have even directly hit the spam spot in your email folders. You may not have cared too much back then, but if you have your own business these days, it would surely matter to you. 

Email marketing has one of the longest in the digital marketing landscape yet still proves to be one of the most effective. More than 40 years ago, the first email marketing message went to roughly around 400 recipients. Fast forward to 2019; there were about 3.9 billion email users worldwide and expected to rise to 4.48 billion in 2024.

With this number of potential audiences, email marketing should always be part of your online marketing campaign. Aside from this number, emails can give you a high rate of click-throughs and even a massive 4400% ROI.

So, how can you get the most out of your email marketing campaign? Here are some email marketing strategies that you can adopt to ensure your business’ success.

Email Marketing Strategies That You Should Know

  • Connect With Your Audience

One of the many reasons why the email you received years ago landed in the Spam folder instantly is because you feel no connection with it. It did not speak to you and therefore was not worthy of your time.

It is important that the emails you send these days will speak to your audience and will establish a connection with them. Do the proper segmentation before you dispatch any of your emails. You may group your audience according to their age, gender, and location. When you do this, there are higher chances of open rates and low unsubscribe rates as it ensures that you are sending your message to the right audience.

  • Remember To Personalize

When you are finally able to do proper segmentation in your email, it is essential as well that what you send is personalized and will fit their interest. Get to know your audience better and familiarize yourself with customers’ interests and whatever catches their attention online.

Strengthen the initial connection that you build with your audience with a personalized email. It will increase your open rates and will convince people to buy or make any transaction with you.

  • Always Think Mobile

The call for going and doing mobile-first has been around lately. Many people have decided to rely on their mobile phones entirely and ditched their computers and laptop. This phenomenon means that these people are connecting to their internet, doing a search on search engines, and opening their emails at their mobile devices. If your email is not fit for mobile, they will lose interest and toss you to the Spam folder, delete your message without reading, and even wholly block yours from sending any letter.

  • Practice Less is More

The world is moving on fast. This statement rings true even for your online audience’s behavior. Many are living in the fast lane and does not have a lot of time in their plate. Their patience also seemed to be wearing thin.

When using email as part of your marketing strategy, it is essential to keep this in mind. Your email interface should be simple, clean, and professional looking. Your message should pop up even without the use of bright and colorful images. An email interface that has a fresh, polished look seemed to be more authentic and delivers messages across in an instant.

Your audience will not have the whole day to read your message. It should be concise and direct to the point.

  • Integrate AI

Artificial Intelligence has already made an impact on our lives. We have been using AI even without us knowing, from the ride-hailing app you so fond of to the voice searches that you made last night; these are just some of AI at work.

AI in an email may have a different job, but it will make your life as a marketer and business owner easier. AI can help you with proper personalization and smart segmentation. It may also automate your workflow, which can save you a lot of time and be able to focus on your other marketing strategy. AI can also determine the best possible time your audience is online and, most likely, the best time that they will open their email.

  • Call To Action Buttons

If there is one thing that you should never forget in your email body is the inclusion of “Call to Action” buttons that can make a whole lot difference in your email. It is the primary driver of click-through on your website. CTA makes it clear on what your readers should do next, and it makes readers act. It is a critical part of your email marketing strategy.

CTA transitions your customers to the next level of interaction with your brand and encourages them to take action immediately. You can ask them to sign up at your website, contact you for further details or even to know more about you.

  • Social Media Buttons

Another set of buttons that you should not overlook when you make your email blast is your social media buttons. They act as secondary CTA buttons. Your social media buttons can either follow icons where it takes your customer straight to your social media profiles or share button where readers can share specific content to their social media profile.

  • Catchy Headlines

Often, your headlines will be the deal maker, whether you will end up in the Spam or Trash folder, or your email will see the light of day and have the recipient read it thoroughly. When you create your headlines, make sure that they are catchy and will have your audience hooked on your email. However, remember to avoid using click baits as this will affect your online credibility.

  • Email and SEO

The content you put in your email matters a lot. Either you want to promote your brand, product, and services or you want to update your audience with a recent article from your website, it will make a huge difference when it comes to your SEO campaign. Though email marketing does not directly affect SEO, when used side by side, it can complement each other.

Email marketing is a great avenue to drive quality website traffic and helps lower down bounce rates. Accordingly, 55% of people find new websites through emails that they have received and read.

  • Encourage Feedback

If you have been using email marketing for a long time now, you will know that there are different purposes on why you do this campaign. It is either you want to promote something, or you share a sale offer. However, these days, marketers and business owners are using email to generate feedback from their users.

Final Thoughts

As Technology move in a rapid state, so does email marketing. Staying updated on the latest trend can make your campaign a success. Even if email marketing has already been around for ages, it holds a lot of potentials that you should leverage. By using email marketing to help promote your brand, augment sales, and win your target audience, you will achieve all of your marketing goals.

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