10 Qualities of a Good Social Media Manager

10 Qualities of a Good Social Media Manager


If you want your next social media marketing campaign to take off, you need to back it with an awesome social media manager. Aside from posting social media updates, they’ll also keep tabs on online communities and customer feedback (which includes handling trolls). This means you can’t simply settle for just anyone with online savvy or a sense of humor. 

Is it starting to sound complicated? To help you out, check this list of 10 qualities of a social media manager to help you find the right person for the job. But before breaking these down for you, here’s why you need a social media manager in the first place.

Why Work with a Social Media Manager

  • A social media manager keeps you up-to-date. Just a few years ago, there were only 3 million active advertisers on Facebook. Today, this number is now at a staggering 6 million and is still expected to grow exponentially. 

In order to keep afloat of this growing and ever-changing online landscape, your brand needs to be updated with the latest trends and updates. With a social media manager at your helm, you’ll gain access to any algorithm changes and new trends. This would help you adapt your social media strategy accordingly.

  • A social media manager upholds your reputation. Social media users usually expect an answer to a specific concern they may have about your product, or simply expect an online presence from their favorite brands. If you don’t reply or show activity, you would definitely lose potential customers.

Either way, you don’t have to worry about the number of messages rotting in your inbox and staying active on multiple platforms. A social media manager would do all those work for you—from replying to comments and answering customer queries to uploading photos and updating your status. The ultimate result is increased customer satisfaction and engagement rates.

  • A social media manager executes a strategy. When handling your own social media accounts, you probably tried the “post it and pray it works” method. Unfortunately, this particular practice would not lead you to greater heights and instead, result in an ineffective campaign—or basically just a waste of time and money.

For a successful social media campaign, you need a strategy that would work well with your other marketing efforts. A social media manager has both the expertise and experience to think of an effective strategy that would help your brand accumulate positive leads and generate customer engagement.

  • A social media manager ensures your profile is consistent across all platforms. There’s probably nothing worse for social media users when they search for your account and find out that it hasn’t been updated for ages or is simply a chaotic collection of random texts and images. Don’t let potential customers walk away just like that!

Hire a social media manager and he would make it a priority to update your profile and keep it consistent across all platforms. Not only would posting frequently help you build a loyal social media fan base but you’ll also enjoy the increased traffic on your website or blog! Simply share blog posts, exclusive offers, and other backlinks that would lead users to your site.

With these reasons in mind, hopefully, you’re ready to work with a social media manager. Here are the qualities you should look for to ensure you’ll hire a person that would take your social media campaign to greater heights!

10 Qualities that a Good Social Media Manager Should Have

  • Eye for Detail

Good social media managers have zero tolerance for typos or other minor errors. They pay special attention to little details that can catch consumers’ attention. As a result, they’ll take care to retweet loyal fans or add the most suitable emojis to a status update. 

  • Communication Skills

Together with having an eye for detail, a good social media manager is extra careful about their word choice. Whenever they engage with fans, they make sure that every aspect of their response is meaningful and well-thought-out. After all, robotic replies or sloppy responses will make it seem like the brand doesn’t care. 

  • Creativity

Creativity isn’t just for the graphics team anymore! Social media managers should be able to develop new ways of presenting visual content or writing copy that’ll attract potential customers. This creativity can extend to operations within the company, such as a process or principle that streamlines the flow of ideas.

  •  Innovation

This quality goes hand in hand with creativity. While creativity focuses on crafting new things, innovation works with what is already there. 

Innovative social media managers can easily keep up with daily trends while staying relevant to the brand. On Twitter, for instance, they’ll be able to work atop a hashtag into a brand Tweet without it seeming forced or out of place.

  • Analytical Skills

Numbers are important to a good social media manager, too. Effective managers sift through data with the help of Google Analytics and other tools to check on a social media campaign’s performance. They’ll then use these insights to nudge brand strategies in the right direction. 

  • Organization

Social media managers often work with several content schedules across different channels. The best managers can keep these schedules in check! They’ll note down important interactions with followers and customers, remembering to respond in a timely manner. As a bonus, an organized social media manager will have wiggle room for any sudden tasks that pop up. Speaking of sudden…

  • Flexibility

Sometimes, carefully detailed plans have to be switched up to make room for another priority. The best social media managers can go with these changes and come up with the necessary content without much fuss.

  • Emotional Maturity

Look for a social media manager who can maintain perspective and think objectively, even after browsing a string of negative comments or troll attacks. They need to remain patient and calmly resolve any conflicts without supervision.

In addition, an emotionally mature social media manager will see things through consumers’ eyes more easily. This lets them create content that hits home with the audience.

  • Passion

Your social media manager’s output will reflect how passionate they are about what they do. Make sure you find someone who genuinely enjoys connecting with other people and writing quality content. The excitement in their posts can prove infectious!

  • Authority

Finally, a good social media manager takes accountability. They exercise authority by being hands-on with every issue they encounter, making follow-ups and providing customer support as needed. Followers and future customers will definitely appreciate the prompt responses!

You might have planned out your brand’s online voice, but your social media manager will be doing the speaking for you. Find a manager with these 10 qualities, and you can have happy followers, a solid reputation, and strong social media marketing campaigns.

Author Bio:

As M2.0 Social’s Business Development Executive, Ciara Ombao guides potential clients into becoming partners, finds solutions to brand challenges, and takes the lead in campaign implementation. She treasures Aldous Huxley’s statement: “one can never really communicate anything to anybody.” But she hopes to prove him wrong by perfecting her communication skills. Ciara has successfully led digital marketing campaigns for IVO, FastCat, and PayPal accounts. Prior to joining the M2.0 team, she worked with Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific and the HongKong Tourism Board.

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