Developers in Today’s Job Market

Developers in Today's Job Market

New areas of technology are invented every month. The change is inevitable and new methodologies keep increasing day by day. It is hard to keep up with so many changes at one time. And that is when a developer comes to the rescue. The role of a developer is ever-evolving, based on the new changes in the world of technology. From the phones we use, the cars we drive, everything works because of software. So, the question that arises is, how to become a successful developer in today’s job market?

Actually, there is plenty of developers job in industry today due to businesses and customers migrating online. Every business needs a web application to connect with their online customers.

With almost 23 million developers worldwide, it can be confusing to understand what each kind of developer does. So, let us have a look at the different kinds of highly successful developers and how they manage in the extensively competitive job market of today.

Front End Developer

Front end developers can also be called UI and UX designers. They oversee cross-program similarity. Front end developers are also known as client-side developers because they build what the user sees and interacts with when they visit a website or app. The front-end developers take care of responsive web design. They should have a thorough knowledge of languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc.

There is plenty of front end developer jobs in India & abroad. You need to have the right skills and enthusiasm to pursue a career in this field.

Back End Developer

Back end developers, also known as server-side developers. While the front-end developers build what you see, the back-end developers take care of the construction that goes behind the scenes. They develop the system architecture, databases, APIs, data structures, databases as well as complex algorithms. The commonly used languages by back end developers are Java, C, C++, Python, Go, Scala, Ruby. The working structure of the back end is enormously complex. It is much more than what you just see when you open a website.

Web Developer

When you ask how to become a successful developer in today’s job market, the main issue comes for a web developer. Out of the 23 million developers in the world, a majority are web developers. They can be either full end, back end, full-stack or middle-tier developers who build a website. Web development has become one of the most wanted job professions since the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Full-Stack Developer

Combine the roles and responsibilities of a front end and back end developer, and there you have a full stack developer. They work with the ‘full-stack’ and are therefore capable of making the whole application themselves.

Desktop Developer

Desktop Developers deal mainly with software applications that run on the desktop operating systems, like Windows, Mac OS. They use GUI Toolkits like GTK, XAML, etc.

Data Scientist

To achieve a client’s expectations, data scientists develop design systems that compute and analyze the sets of data. A data scientist should have good analytical skills because they are required to perform statistical analysis and also create data visualizations. They use languages like C++, C, Python, and MATLAB.

The Pros of Becoming a Developer


The first biggest advantage is the amount of salary package that you are offered as a developer. Since the demand for developers is increasing day by day, the job opportunities, as well as the salary offered, is impressive. In fact, software developer salary is one of the highest in the job market.

Never Too Late

It is never too late to start a career as a developer. Since the world of technology is ever-evolving, the things to learn are always increasing. And according to studies, an individual takes 5 years on average to become an avid coder or developer.


You can always be open to the option of freelancing. You can choose your own clients, the kind of projects you want to work from and even your own workplace. The work schedule can be flexible as per your need and you will be your own boss.

Flexible Work Hours

Even if you are a part of a corporate office, you can have flexible work hours. Developers only need a laptop and internet connection, and they can create wonders themselves. In fact, a lot of companies give the freedom to developers to not stick to the 9 to 5 job. After all, a developer does not need to make calls to clients of the company.

Be Creative

There is no stopping the creativity in you. Whether you are a web developer, app developer, you can always work creatively. It is a great feeling when you can be creative in a developing team.

Great Work Culture

If you have selected the career path as a developer, you can be a part of some of the best tech companies. And tech companies are known to have a great work culture. Employees that work in tech companies are happier and more satisfied compared to other companies.

Continuous Learning

As a developer, you will always be able to improve your resume and enhance your skills. With every new project you are a part of, either it is about building a website or an app, the resume is improvised. And that is how within little time an individual can become a highly successful developer.


The demand for developers is never-ending. Software developer jobs & web developer jobs are always available. So, if you choose a career as a developer, you will always find opportunities for yourself. There is no scarcity of job openings in this field.

An Omnipresent Opportunity

Developers have been working with businesses for more than 30 years now. And with the increase in demand, the culture of work for developers has also improved. It is true that the role of the developer is ever-evolving, but it is always exciting. You get to learn something new at regular intervals of time and there is never a dull moment in the career of a developer. The role is challenging since there is a tough competition and it is not just about writing codes. The main goal of each company is to have satisfied customers and be able to provide impeccable experience to the customers. That is why companies need developers. And their involvement within the business is imperative.

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