The 6Ps of SEO & Digital Marketing

The 6Ps of SEO & Digital Marketing

It’s a special time to become a marketing professional. Many of us are traditionally not qualified as marketers in the field of SEO. It takes a while to find it that marketing is more than just being rated high on search engines. 

Search engines would like to bring people to the best results, so user loyalty and happiness is possibly a factor for SEO ranking. Links and signals on the sites are still extremely important, but they will not be useful if people don’t engage with your website. SEO is also an important part of the marketing cycle itself, and effective SEO just serves to boost traffic and increase rankings.

In this post, we will look at the 6Ps of SEO and digital marketing. We will talk about how you can boost your SEO and digital marketing using these 6Ps. Let’s look at each of these six main fields of SEO and digital marketing.


The first P in the cycle is the product. You should work on your product before everything else. This is what you will be selling. For example, our company offers SEO tools. It lets our clients meet their business objectives and reduces the stress and pain they need to remain open to the SEO world. We are trying to save our clients time and money so that they can concentrate on the work they can do.

The cornerstone of your marketing approach is your product or service. You need absolute clarity in this regard because the product can affect pricing and promotions.

It’s only half the fight to be found. Your potential clients must be assured that their products or services will meet their needs.


Price is related to value naturally. However, pricing must also take into account the market’s defined prices in your industry. You cannot sell your product, no matter how attractive, if it is too expensive. Profit margins will be impacted if it is too cheap.

There is a pendulum of pricing that produces more sales at a lower price, but a higher price would produce more profits. Your perfect balance is based on your approaches for lead generation and marketplace.  

SEO is an excellent example of how difficult pricing can be. SEO costs about $100 an hour as per conventional wisdom. We also saw some very different perspectives on how customers were willing to pay, especially when it came to small business SEO services when they spent some time evaluating SEO packages and costs.


The third P is the place, and it hugely matters. Place refers to the target locations where you will sell your product or services and where your customers will be looking for your product.

If you’re a car mechanic, then it is very obvious that people go straight to Google. Nonetheless, specific people will buy for many things in various ways, such as networks, directories, and search engines. Identify where your clients are and where they must get the items you are selling.


Promotion relies on the consumer, and the right strategies also incorporate marketing channels creatively in order to maximize results. Promotions include social networks, search ads, online banners, TV, email, press, etc.

In our company, higher-level activities such as SEO tools work best for us as opposed to other ones. As an example, we have a Premium plagiarism checker for business that checks the plagiarism by comparing with millions of resources. It sets us a high standard and provides us more leads. Most of our tools are free, and we promote our free services as our strength. It means the promotions are very relevant, but you should be in the right direction from the beginning.

You have to sort out how you work together to improve your content, lead generation, and sales. You are generally competitive on all networks if you can find a method of being cheaper in price and deliver comparable quality.


Throughout our SEO and digital marketing strategy, people play a key role. Digital marketing is all about people. To show the perfect product to the right people at the right prices at the proper time.

You should know who your clients are. The segmentation of your consumers into different audiences is important for businesses. This tells you the right angles, purchase cycles, and complaints to build a successful marketing plan.

You should also identify your best customers and your customers like your product or not. You should know either your product is solving their problem or are they happy about your product or service. 


Processes are behind each Ps as the supporting tasks. Both direct and indirect purchasing activities may be subject to the process. If a consumer needs a refund, the company may continue with the correct specification of your customer service process.

Does your delivery process have ample flexibility for promotions across the world? Even a giant like Amazon could not deliver on his promise within weeks of his arrival, despite tremendous excitement and expectation from fans in Singapore.

It is in the specifics to create a great process. Writing down procedures and viewing them will help your company remain on one page and react in a consistent fashion to preserve the credibility of your brand.

Wrapping up

There are many moving parts here, indeed. These six Ps can be implemented in any order. Most people tend to merge promotion and place when they do this for their business and customers. The environment in which you work and the competition should be considered. It will be very critical that all these considerations are brought into line with flexible marketing success. You can boost your SEO through changing of your price if you measure the success of your SEO by how many leads you produce from organic traffic.

Good SEO cannot be achieved in a bubble. It is part of a broader system for marketing. As SEOs marketers, we must look at these other aspects and ensure that the work we do continues to improve.Try to consider each of those factors if you have a product or service that is not selling. Use a basic 6 Ps system to analyze your marketing. It will surely help you boost your performance.

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