Top 15 Mobile App Design Trends in 2020

Top 15 Mobile App Design Trends in 2020

Because we learn UI & UX, cloud and mobile app architecture are increasingly being used. The user experience or UX and user interface are two key things to consider. In addition to continuous improvement in the discipline of Smartphone and web use, both UI and UX are generated because you have any sort of knowledge or distinguishment in the current niche and traditional general developments incorporated within the field. 

Today we’ve come together with the competent, new Smartphone Device UIs. There is 15 Traditional Mobile App UI Technology set of amazing user experience. Registered graphic designers and production companies are willing to enter the web’s largest sites from all over the world in all the Mobile App UI / UX projects. It’s an exhaustive collection of modernist web-based user interfaces and UX devices.

1. Rep-Influencer Marketing Platform

Rep is a forum where marketers and influencers can communicate and collaborate. It’s like your marketing and advertising department. 

All offers can be viewed in one location by using the Offers app, which makes the user experience simpler. You communicate with less commitment but push towards the brand target more explicitly.


2. Color Therapy Coloring Number- Coloring Book for Adults Game

HD Images are a crucial design element and draw the user to your program. A high-quality picture specifically impacts consumer perceptions. The days have gone where the photos show on the screen monitor pixelated and still mounted. 

To millions of coloring enthusiasts, Coloring Book to adults is a meeting place. You will receive rest and treatment through over 2000 + beautiful and free adult coloring sheets. You will also enjoy drawing and interacting with millions of people from all over the world.

The main features include:

  • Experience good, relaxing music and FX effects, like, of course, fur Elise, pop, meditation, and your songs. 
  • There’s a huge color palette library of 2000 + solid colors and gradients.
  • There’s no variation between colors, finishing effects and frame types to customize your painting.

3. Mi Smart Home

Xiaomi’s an awesome Chinese phone company. Mi Smart Home is a prototype Stan Yakusevich security program for Xiaomi. Such simulations help you handle your quick everyday experiences. 

With larger, simpler and higher-resolved screens, mobile device developers can experiment with visual differences more extensively, which not only enhances usability but also provides designers with more innovative space. Mi Smart Home’s color comparison is daring and enticing.


4. Mobile UI

A significant subject in mobile device design is the user interface. The GUI should be tidy and organized. This Smartphone style incorporates textures and layers to render the user experience even smoother and utilizes techniques such as overlapping fonts, different opacity ratios, color gradients, blending and distorted coloring to create a sense of the room. In 2019, designing a beautifully stunning User experience is a must for User designers.


5. Tap Bar Crypto App

Micro-interactions will make your template come alive, regardless of the device you use. When the users concentrate on a tiny Smartphone screen, immersive experiences can be generated through micro animations. 

Crypto Tap Bar Software produces great micro Animations to draw and alert users on the bottom navigation icons.


6. Smart House

In reality, this app design is Yurij Prokopchenko’s portfolio. The Smart Home App provides quick, vivid colors to view. The color was certainly a good tool in the toolkit of the artist in 2019. With the wise use of color in mobile app UI design, a perfect interface is developed. These drawers the user’s thoughts and behaviors and controls them. This is also the raison d’être of the concept of the remote control for the attached lamp.


7. Spotify Music

Color gradients are now more favored by artists than flat colors. If deliberately used, color gradients become more effective, for example, if feelings become conveyed or a certain design feature is illuminated. 

Spotify has not only the biggest and finest music library but also the best user interface features. It also effectively uses rich color gradients.


8. Letgo: Buy and Sell Used Stuff 12+

Letgo is one of the leading and fastest-growing devices for local purchasing and sales. Great local offers are available on products such as telephones, clothes, shoes, computer sports, vehicles, and the house. 

Letgo has given up complex clunky structures with a vast range of resources, using cards and basic shapes to regulate all the products. Users can quickly work with the uncluttered buttons and sleek icons. App devices simplify forms and corners in 2019 to create a smoother look. That’s what Letgo does.


9. Buy and Sell This Holiday- eBay

The introduction of Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X has contributed to a mobile app design trend for frameless models. In addition to screen size, users need to experience full-screen. This call was received by eBay. On your favorite frameless products, you can test deals on eBay. You are free to purchase and sell everything on this massive online marketplace.


10. Target

In China, cashless payments are accepted and more customers have made cashless payments worldwide. Statistics show that in 2017, the number of people using a cashless payment solution nearly doubled, meaning that only in 2019 and beyond would competition rise. Target’s new wallet app makes spending and shopping in-store without any cash the quickest, simplest way.


11. ZINIO- Magazine newsstand

ZINIO is the first international newsstand in the country, selling over 6,000 of the world’s best magazines. You used to get news by hearing, but now you can listen to your favorite stories with the most recent TEXT-TO-SPEECH feature. It’s easy to concentrate and clears the eyes and ears for certain activities. Isn’t this incredible?


12. Apple Maps Concept:

The hot theme of 2019 was immersive gaming and is unlikely to be gone. Animation can draw and activate consumer emotions. An integral interface technique is an immersive animation. 

The zoom-out during scrolling is my favorite guy. Therefore, in several various situations and cases, a horizontal chart around the bottom is very beneficial. The time selector will display sunset and/or sunrise times by adjusting the background color of the screen. Such attributes boost customer experience.


13. 3D Transition Exploration for Travel App

It is a travel technology change discovery. To order to explain the spatial connections between displays, the model uses the 3D transformation. It gives us a sense of space.


14. Macro Polo Video Walkie Talkie

Marco Polo is a one-to-one and party communication face-to-face chat program. Through sincere conversations and mutual experiences, it puts family and friends closer than ever before. You should also incorporate features for enjoying your chats, such as make-up while you meet. The AR app aims to make user interaction more immersive.


15. Pandora

Not only should users require an interface to connect with them, but the software also needs to provide users with a way to communicate their user experience. Within Pandora, users will say the app that they want and don’t like with the best tapping choices. This input is then used to provide the customer with personalized music experience.



The above are the 15 best app designs of 2020. We hope that the next idea will be inspired by these projects. Let us know if you can share additional services.

Author Bio:

Anita Gigoo is a Senior Content Writer at Mobileappdiary who has written on various topics related to mobile app development, Mobile app design, web development, and social media platforms for the past 5 years.