Things to know before going for an interview through Smart Video process.

Interview through Smart Video Process

Recent surveys display that roughly 7 out of 10 companies use video interviews for bringing efficiency in their hiring procedures. Along with this, 14% of appointing managers plan to employ individuals using the same technology. So what makes you think you will not be in front of the screen undergoing an interview in the next few months? When opportunity strikes is hard to tell. With hiring going global & people preferring remote working jobs, video interviews are extremely common in the modern era. It is important to always remain prepared for encountering these interviews with complete confidence. Follow these video interview tips to bag the next job with ease.

Advance planning

Moving forward for a job interview video? If yes, do not let worry trouble you as with some advance planning, you can complete it easily.

When sitting for a video interview at your home:

Engage in a trial run for two to three days prior to the interview when utilizing your very own equipment or video interview platforms like Refrek, RIVS or VidCruiter

Set up the camera and microphone & check whether everything is functioning perfectly or not. The video technology that you employ in the practice period must be kept as it is during the real-time interview. This will prevent you from encountering last-ditch installation challenges and even password issues just before the interview

The position of the camera must be at your eye level and must not be below or above. So when you see video interview questions coming at you & you start answering, the interview will not witness weird shadows & unappealing double chins. It is also important to check whether sound equipment is functioning properly or not

Irrespective of the location, materials like portfolio and resume must reach the recruiter in advance

For video interviews taking place at the employer’s office:

  • Prepare beforehand
  • Arrive early
  • Be presentable & clothe appropriately

Check the proper functionality of the equipment or video interview software that you will find in the interview room


While preparing beforehand for your video interview job, you must take care of the background that the interviewer will witness while interviewing you. It must not be distracting and cluttered. The perfect background is a simple plain wall.

Lighting must be proper as well. There must not be any light sources following you as then your face will be in shadows

On the interview day, dressing professionally is highly important. Among many, such video interview tips must never be neglected. Clothing that carries a neutral color is the perfect one. The color must not mix together into the background. If you choose to wear a tie, you must choose a solid color and not patterned ones. When wearing glasses, from beforehand the lighting in the particular room needs to be adjusted for avoiding glare from lenses

The angle of the camera must display you from your waist up as the face is the actual focus point. But if there are any chances of you requiring standing up, ensuring that your skirt or pant is professional, holds significance

Body language

When preparing for a video call interview, you must learn the fact that eye contact is the most vital aspect. It builds an instant connection. Here is how you can do it. Do not look directly at the interviewer while on the screen when you are about to answer a question. Instead you must directly look at the webcam. You can again look at the screen while listening.

In the entire course of the interview, you must be able to convey sanguinity with your upbeat body language. For this, sitting in a very good posture is important.

While you listen, smile & nod only when it is appropriate for communicating and offer your complete attention to the interviewer. If not needed, do not use too many hand gestures. Fidgeting must be avoided at all costs.

Engaging in proper homework

Many congratulations to you if you are about to sit for a smart video process interview for your next job. But have you done your homework? If not, then read this piece carefully as it can make or break your prospects of getting the job. Firstly, you must review the description of the job & emphasize where you actually exceed or meet the requisites. This is the digital world we are living in and there is nothing that is not possible. Gain a deep insight of the company you are aiming to get a job at, its objectives, competitors and products. You must go through the employer’s press releases and website development company to learn who they actually are.

After all this information is clear to you, you can focus on the way you ally with the job’s requisites & also the recruiter’s mission & objectives.

Practice is the word

In a video call interview, being yourself & natural is very important which is only possible when you learn your script by heart. In the same way an actor goes through his script again and again, you also need to practice your script out loud and literally grow into the script.

Meeting the recruiter’s deadline

Advancing for a job interview video, offers you the liberty of choosing the interview time that best suits you. But the employer will always be putting forward a due date and let you know and the final interview completion date. You must keep the date in mind and always fulfill that deadline.

If possible from your end, you must be able to beat the deadline by a few days or even hours. Last-minute interviews must be avoided at all costs as this will never offer the very best impression on your employer.


If the video interview tips are followed correctly, then there is hardly anything that can stop you from getting hands on that job. While concluding, you must thank the interviewer for offering their time. Also, sending a thank your follow-up mail later on the very same day is recommended. By this you can develop a stronger connection with the potential employer & also assist you in progressing to the very next step. Get in touch with us today for further insights.

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